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The Holden Sandman is more than just another car, more than a unique piece of Australian motoring history.The Holden sandman is a Australian icon! mySandman.com.au is a community built around one of Australia's most recognisable cars not just another website, a source of information both historical and technical.

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In 1974 General Motors Holden took a concept from car from the 1972 Sydney motor show and went into full production of the all new Sandman range of Ute's and Panel van's. Taking the commercial range of vehicles and targeting the sport loving weekender.

From 1974 HQ through to 1979 with the release of the HZ, could Holden have had any idea that this car would capture a new generation of car buyers? One who love the freedom it gave!


The Sandman was as much at home at the beach or in the bush weather surfing of trail bike riding.














The Holden Sandman has remained an unique Australian icon, for decades after its final production it has been immortalised in songs,  films, TV ads and soapies.

The Holden sandman still brings a wry smile from mum's and dads that oh so dearly remember them and the times spent with this true Australian Icon. 



The year was 1972 and the Sydney Motorshow is underway,

GM Holden has had the HQ released for approximately 12 Months. They also have on display a unique concept car,

a sports ute. With no plans to release this one of a kind marketing vehicle, just enticing potential new customers to the

HQ range

The Ewe't, equipped with a 350 Chev and a base 3 speed auto only available at that time in the Statesman Caprice,

also supplemented with power steering, air-conditioning, power windows, disc breaks and riding on honeycomb wheels.


Also equipped with a Premier twin headlight front, premier grille and GTS Guards. This was a luxury sport ute, a mixture of high end Statesman Caprice options and sports power.


The HQ Ewe't was Silver in colour with a stylised dark blue

pin striping. That were similar to the the original HQ Sandman Decals. While the interior had bucket seats with

wool inserts, radio and the new GTS steering wheel. 

The Ewe't lived for a couple of years doing promotional appearances, it was eventually sold to a Melbourne car dealer. The Ewe't was barely driven and was listed for sale. It's current whereabouts is unknown.


Below are some photos courtesy of GM Holden and scans from Australian Van magazine. 

ewet 2.jpg
e'wet 2.jpg
date Codes 02.jpg


HQ Sandman

HQ XX7 Sandman only. V8 and 6cyl No de-rated GVW


HJ Sandman

HJ XX7 Sandman only. Up to 9/75 6cyl GVW 2155kg
HJ XX7 Sandman only. Up to 9/75 V8 GVW 2200kg
HJ XX7 Sandman from 10/75 6cyl GVW 1860kg
HJ XX7 Sandman from 10/75 V8 GVW 1950kg
HJ XU3 Sandman introduced from 10/75 6cyl GVW 2155kg
HJ XU3 Sandman introduced from 10/75 V8 GVW 2200kg
HJ non Sandman's 6cyl GVW 2155kg
HJ non Sandman's V8 GVW 2200kg


HX Sandman

HX XX7 Sandman's V8 GVW all were 1950kg
HX XU4 was introduced (non Sandman but de-rated GVW for sedan tyres) 6cyl 1860kg
HX XU4 was introduced (non Sandman but de-rated GVW for sedan tyres) V8 1950kg
HX XU3 Sandman's V8 all were 2200kg
HX 6cyl all were 2155kg
HX non Sandman's V8 all were 2200kg

HZ Sandman

HZ XX7 all Sandman utes V8 1950kg
HZ XU4 (non Sandman but de-rated GVW for sedan tyres) 6cyl all were 1860kg
HZ XU4 (non Sandman but de-rated GVW for sedan tyres) V8 all were 1950kg
HZ XX7 Sandman up to 1978 were all 1950kg
HZ XX7 Sandman van from 1978 were all 2000kg
HZ XU3 Sandman's V8 all were 2200kg
HZ non Sandman's V8 all were 2200kg

XX7 and XU3 are the option codes given to all Sandman's. Brisbane stamped onto tags, this was not the case entirely as there are example's of Brisbane build Sandman's not stamped.  Other plants did not stamp the plates.
This code gave the non Sandman van or ute the "Sandman package"
Only difference between XX7 and XU3 is the option of passenger vehicle tyres. This excludes all pre 10/75 Sandman's. As it was not an option on all these models. All prior 10/75 models were option code XX7.
XX7 up to 9/75 - Sandman Package normal commercial tyres
XX7 from 10/75 - Sandman Package passenger tyres
XU3 - Sandman Package normal commercial tyres

XU4 is a non Sandman packaged van or ute. But it was fitted with passenger tyres. So therefore has a de-rated GVW/GVM.